Quilting Large Projects – Consider Renting Time on a Longarm

You’ve just finished that Queen-sized bed quilt, but you dread quilting it on your home sewing machine.  What do you do?  Many people hire a long-arm quilter to complete the quilt.  For me, this is unthinkable: to me, the designing of the quilt pattern and then watching it while quilt the project is where the magic happens for me.  In quilting small projects (lap quilts and smaller), quilting on my home machines have been a dream.  But, the mammoth projects have been the subject of much experimentation.

I’ve executed most of my projects the old-fashioned way on my home machine.  Pin or spray basting the completed quilt on the floor (more accurately begging my other half to pin for me!):

A Tribute to Virgina marked and ready to quilt!

Then, I would roll the side of the quilt sandwich that needed to go through the throat of the sewing machine.

No more!  I’ve found Quilt Your Own Studio in Stafford, Texas.  Now, I rent time on one of Chris’s machines and my projects are finished beautifully and quickly.  Check it out!Swoon at QYO


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