Iron Product Review – Reliable Velocity

Reliable Velocity Iron

If you are an avid sewer (I just hate “sewist”) like me, you’ve tried a number of irons.  Since 2010 when I began sewing in earnest, I have been through an iron almost every year.  “Why can’t I find one that lasts longer than a year?” I ask myself.

Now I have the answer!  I met with Kimberly Calder and her colleague, Art, at Quilts, Inc.’s spring market.  They taught me so much about irons.  They honestly said that no consumer iron would last much longer than a year with the number of hours I use my iron (16+ hours a week).  To get an iron that lasts longer, I would need to buy a professional iron.  However, the cost differential is such that it makes more sense to buy a high-end consumer iron and replace it every 15 months or so.

I am currently using the Rowenta Pro.  I have had it for almost 2 years and it has performed beautifully.  When I first got it, though, I injured my right thumb from pressing the steam button (really, I’m not kidding).  The Rowenta has to be cleaned with vinegar ever so often because the water is hard in Houston.  Otherwise it spits terribly.  And, every once it awhile, it will leak brown water that freaks me out that it will stain my project (which it has not to date).  I am also worried that it will die and I will be without an iron for a few days!

I was curious about the Reliable product.  It is very different because the water is heated in a chamber separately from the soilplate.  This means that the Reliable does not “shoot out” steam.  Instead, the steam setting provides the steam seamlessly.  It also allows the use of steam on delicate items (silk) that otherwise could not be steamed.

I got my Velocity a few weeks ago.  Wow.  I love it.  It has an automatic shut-off every 8 minutes.  It beeps in warning when it shuts off.  You can also bypass the auto-shut off as well (not a good idea for me).  The iron is heavy enough, but not too heavy.  Here is  my awesome Alison Glass fabric before ironing:


Notice below the lights?  They blink while the iron is heating and are solid when it’s ready.  Here is the Velocity doing its work:


Check out the result after only one pass on the fabric:


And, here is my finished product that I was working on:

2016-11-2016-inside-messenger 2016-11-11-back-of-messenger 2016-11-11-outside-messenger

Oh, and by the way, the Velocity uses only distilled water.  That should take care of my cleaning issues, too!  Consider buying one; I’m enjoying mine.

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