Get Inspired to Create!

I had the distinct pleasure of taking Weeks Ringle’s ( Craftsy course, “Designing Modern Quilts.”  The course was more about the creative process than it was about modern quilts, and I soaked up every moment of it.

I was struck by a question that a student asked.  In a nutshell, the student bemoaned that every time she came up with a fresh quilting idea, she surfed the web and determined it had already been done.  This continued to stop her from executing the vision that she had thought was fresh.  What a waste!  Don’t be held back because someone else has done what you’ve done before – you’re not trying to take credit for the work; you’re not infringing a particular patent.  You just need to get out there and create!

Creativity and invention do not arise in a vacuum.  Many artists and inventors have spoken on the issue, and I agree:






Don’t just wait for a flash of divine inspiration – just get busy!  Start by exploring patterns by others.  Learn new techniques.  Be disciplined.  Eventually, you can learn creativity.  Even if you are creating a quilt from a kit, you are bringing to it something uniquely your own.

Don’t let fear stop you.

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