Eat What You Grow!

How do you encourage your child to experiment with eating new vegetables?  Let them grow or harvest them!

My dear friend Sarah has created a backyard oasis, right here in Houston, Texas, complete with an extensive food garden!  This has given my daughter the opportunity to learn about growing, harvesting, and eating your own food.  Pulling up the carrots was particularly exciting:  we felt like we were whisked into Professor Sprout’s class at Hogwarts!

Harvesting Fresh Carrots!

With rainbow chard, summer squash, tomatoes, and many more, we had a blast!

Rainbow Chard IMG_0361Yellow SquashRoma TomatoTomatos!

Sarah even has a beautiful fresh herb garden!

Herb Garden

At the end of our harvest, we had a sieve full of veggies.

The Harvest!

My daughter ate two of the tomatoes right on the spot (after rinsing) just like you’d eat an apple.  They were still warm from the day’s sun.  We ate the carrots the very next day – simply steamed and seasoned.  Here’s what’s left of our bounty; yummy!

The bounty!

I encourage my daughter to try new veggies by trying new veggies myself.  What do you do to encourage your children to eat vegetables?  Do you have any family favorite recipes you’d like to share?



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