Fixing a hole in beloved knit pants

My daughter loves her Hanna Andersson clothes; she likes to wear them and then sleep in them.  Her yoga pants became high waters and had a couple of holes in the legs, but she wanted me to save them.  So, in comes Riley Blake fabrics!

tiny hole

TIP:  When sewing knits you’ll get better results with woolly nylon (stretch) thread in the bobbin.


I fussy cut a flower to cover the hole, and then added some more flowers to make it look more intentional and less like a patch.   I also zig-zagged a raw edge ruffle on the pant.


I made a t-shirt with a hummingbird appliqué.  The result was very well received.

IMG_2096Ahh! Don't get me.


  1. Chupacabras says:

    Fabulous tips. This makes me feel guilty for a few of the clothes that I was too lazy to repair and threw away. I have a question. What about holes in the butt of your pants? Is it appropriate to patch those or is that a situation where trashing them is the only option?

    • Heather Kubiak says:

      I guess it depends on the look you’re going for! What about an embroidered patch or adding a pocket?

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