Although I have crafted all of my life, I became obsessed with sewing and quilting in 2010 when my daughter was about to move from her crib into her big girl bed.  I wanted to make her a quilt, and the rest is history!  In 2013, I decided to begin brainstorming about how I could turn my obsession with creativity into something that I could share with everyone.  Frustrated with the lack of information provided by the most common last step in a quilt pattern, “Quilt as desired,” I decided to make a play on that instruction.

In 2014, when I decided to start an instructional blog, I realized that “Quilt As Desired” was too narrow, and I changed my company’s name to “Craft As Desired.”  I hope the name properly implies our purpose:  to give you the tools to make any project your own.  I am a student of the creative process and hope you’ll join me in sharing your journey with the larger crafting community.

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